miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

HOUSTON, disco de covers y canciones acústicas

El 14 de Noviembre y en exclusiva en el Firefest se pondrá a la venta un nuevo disco de Houston, "Relaunch", en este caso con algunos covers, canciones acústicas y una nueva canción.
1) Runaway (originally recorded by US rockers Dakota)
2) Carrie (originally recorded by Michael Bolton)
3) Brief Encounter (originally recorded by UK melodic maestros Airrace and featuring Airrace's Laurie Mansworth on guest guitar)
4) Don't You Know What Love Is (originally recorded by US outfit Touch, the first band ever to play the Monsters Of Rock festival, and featuring Touch keyboard player Mark Mangold on guest vox)
5) Don't Ever Wanna Lose You (originally recorded by US four-piece New England, whose self-titled debut album was produced by Kiss' Paul Stanley)
6) Didn't We Almost Win It All (originally recorded by the late Laura Branigan)
7) Without Your Love (original song written by Ricky Delin; a duet with Amaranthe front-woman Elize Ryd)
8) Truth Slips (acoustic recording)
9) 1000 Songs (acoustic recording)

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